The role of arts and culture and how they shape our everyday lives is undeniable.

Flatirons Political Art lives in this intersection and continues to hold a tradition that has been long running in popular movement spaces. As injustice, inequities, and racism continue to negatively impact the everyday lives of 99% of people on the North American continent, the need to have and to hold space for political & community organizing is ever-increasing. Within this need the role of arts and culture emerges as an important player reaching into the hearts and minds of the public, one place where true social change can be facilitated.

Born in a feverish dream of liberation, of shared prosperity and tolerance, the trickster spirit animating Flatirons Political Art is that of the systems hacker, the culture jammer, the dissident artist provoking creative interventions intended to inspire liberation. We, like all who grow, must pay the price of hard lessons to overcome our karma, learning what allyship means as we walk together on the path of collective liberation.

Since its inception 5 years ago Flatirons Political Art has supported, uplifted, and grown efforts spearheaded by people of color in Colorado. We have worked proudly and diligently to support a wide variety of initiatives that our community has put forward.

At its core, Flatirons Political Art is a Community Art Studio & Artist Makerspace in the North Boulder Art District. Members can co-work in a studio space designed to engage their talents, a meeting space where grassroots efforts can organize, a skill-sharing space where members can learn new artistic practices and an art studio where those pushing progress can make art that inspires collective liberation.

Come Express Yourself.


At Flatirons Political Art we mourn the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Sandra Bland, Paul Castaway and countless other relatives who have been sacrificed to the carceral state, white supremacy and colonization.

Flatirons Political Art has always aspired to creating a better world and during this historical moment we strive to be accomplices with those struggling for liberation.

In honor of Black History Month and in support of Black Lives Matter 5280 and the Movement for Black Lives we are releasing four posters designed by our Creative Director, Gregg Deal. Download these posters designs for FREE at the links below. The doors of our NoBo Community Studio are also open for anyone needing to make art "In Defense of Black Lives" or in honor of Black History Month.

Make an appointment to visit our studio by emailing us at

Check out our Instagram (@flatironsart) & Facebook (@flatironspoliticalart) pages to see current & past exhibits, campaigns, and installations.

Visit our Online Store to purchase Stickers & Posters. Signed Posters are Available!


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